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CMV and Pregnancy Awareness

What is CMV? Cytomegaly is an infectious disease caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV). CMV is one of the herpes viruses. Like all herpes viruses, the virus remains in the body for life after the initial infection and can be reactivated under certain circumstances. Reinfection is also possible. In most cases, the

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The term digitalization has been the buzzword in the entire insurance industry in recent years. Inside and outside the industry, employees, consultants, managers, and providers are convinced that digitization is crucial for a successful future. The digital transformation and increasing networking are changing the entire economy and industry. As a

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COVID-19 Method of Testing

To detect the coronavirus in the human body, various tests can be carried out, which are explained in the following blog. The most common tests are the PCR and antibody tests. Reliable evidence of infection with the coronavirus can only be provided by a valid test. The most frequently used

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Life After COVID-19

The virus changes society step by step. Technology and algorithms become more dominant as we must adjust to the new digitized world. We are currently experiencing a historical event that is accelerating new developments and system changes. Many people already talk about the great reset. What comes back when COVID-19

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How to Choose the Best International Health Insurance?

The reasons for living abroad varies among people. Still, good health care is important for everyone no matter where you are located. By purchasing international health insurance, you can choose where and by whom you want to be treated. Precautions, medications or vaccinations are standard services with good insurance protection.

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