Update on Indonesian Travel Restriction


Who does not miss the gorgeous sunset, delicious food, and the warm sun of Bali? Following the case of COVID-19 has shown improvement, the Indonesian government has finally relaxed the restriction and now allows several numbers of group foreigners to enter Indonesia.

If you are applying for B211 Visa to travel to Bali, Indonesia you need to know the updated requirements for offshore and onshore B211 Visa applicants. This new regulation is made to lessen the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Especially during uncertain times like this, Indonesia is still careful when opening the country for international travels.

In order to be eligible for the visa, you will have to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination, fill in a statement letter to follow all of the health protocols in Indonesia, and have health or travel insurance with minimum coverage of USD 100,000.

A B211 offshore, particularly for a limited stay visa, will have additional requirements that need to be met.  One must prepare a Police Certificate of Good Conduct from their own country (Surat Berkelakuan Baik) and a certificate with a doctor statement that proves that they are free from infectious diseases. It is essential to know that at this moment, the B211 offshore Visa that can be issued by immigration is for business purposes only.

Now for expatriates applying for a B211 onshore visa (a foreigner who are already in Indonesia), the additional requirements that need to be fulfilled are: first, a statement letter stating that they are willing to follow the health protocols in Indonesia, second health or travel insurance with minimum coverage of USD 100,000, and the latest proof of their Stay Permit or the Exit Permit Only (EPO) documents for Limited Stay Permit holder.

If you already have a visa to enter Indonesia, here is the information that you, as an expatriate, would need to know before entering the country.


  • present COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (Two-Dose of Pfizer or Moderna or Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, and Single-Dose of Johnson & Johnson)
  • Present a negative COVID-19 PCR test in which the sample was collected within 72 hours of departure. Additionally, you will also have to show an electronic Indonesian Health Alert Certificate (e-HAC) barcode and present them upon check-in and entry at the airport/quarantine authorities
  • You will need to download the “Peduli Lindungi” App on Apple Store or Android play to complete the e-HAC before you travel. Once it is completed, you will get a unique barcode which you will have to show up on your arrival. Note that if you are flying with your family, you will only need one account.


Once you have arrived in Indonesia, you will be required to undergo the 5 -days quarantine at a designated facility conducted by the Indonesian government at your own expense. Additionally, there will be two different PCR tests that you will have to take. The first is the day of arrival and then the 4th day after the arrival. If you are tested positive on the second COVID-19 test, you will have to stay quarantined longer, and the expenses will also be at your own cost. Once you have been quarantined in Indonesia, you will be able to travel domestically without the need for quarantine anymore.

Although the restriction is a little bit more relaxed now in Indonesia, you will still have to follow the health protocols and some additional requirements as mentioned above. These would include wearing masks, showing your vaccination certification, and keeping the distance to lessen the spread of Covid-19. In case there are changes, it is highly recommended to frequently check on the regulation updates.

Traveling to a foreign country as an expatriate during this time of uncertainty is stressful. Especially when you are far from home, it would be difficult when unexpected things happen. Aexpat insurance will not only protect your wallet from health costs but also guide you to get the healthcare that is most suitable for you. Aexpat insurance will always be there to help, guide and cover you, whenever and wherever you are in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Bali waves are waiting for you.

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