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Health Insurance Coverage on COVID-19

The cases of COVID-19 have increased in many other countries which raises concerns amongst the populations. Following the assessment made by the World Health Organization, the coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic. Due to the crisis, many countries are under lockdown to prevent the increase in the number of

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Latest Update COVID-19 Southeast Asia

Traveling to SEA – is it still possible?  Traveling to Southeast Asia at the present moment is not recommended as many local governments have implemented traveling restrictions to prevent further spread of the virus. Make sure to check on the latest information on COVID-19 on areas where it is spreading,

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How to Stay Sane During COVID-19

As COVID-19 patients are rising, many countries have advised their citizens to take precautions by doing self-isolation. The main purpose of this approach is to separate the sick who have the contagious virus from those who are healthy. Quarantine approach, on the other hand, is to restrict the movement of

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The world is going through unprecedented times as COVID-19 rapidly spreads throughout the globe. The travel industries have been hit hard by the pandemic due to closure, cancellations, and restrictions. We have encountered a few inquiries on the cancellation terms of traveling insurance.   I’m canceling my travels due to COVID-19

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Understanding Pre-existing Condition

Insurance policies are designed for coverage of treatment or sickness to assure ease in the case of an emergency. The policy contracts legally bind the insurer and the policyholder. Terms and conditions are the fundamental modules in expatriate insurance contracts in which include, sets of an agreement such as, the

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