Life After COVID-19

The virus changes society step by step. Technology and algorithms become more dominant as we must adjust to the new digitized world. We are currently experiencing a historical event that is accelerating new developments and system changes. Many people already talk about the great reset. What comes back when COVID-19 disappears, what is left behind, and how does the world change due to the pandemic?

With Telehealth, e-learning, and home office, digitization is progressing every day. The pandemic shows that people and the different state systems are vulnerable in a highly optimized world. This development could be an opportunity for a better society and more solidarity. Ethical debates and changes to laws and systems, which would usually take years, are resolved by express procedure due to new health and safety regulations. These are times with an increasing need for radical change and digitization is an extremely important solution aspect.

Home and the future

As we all know, during this pandemic our home is our best shelter. Many jobs have assigned their employees to a home office. Schools and university classes are held online. Your home may just be the place where you spend time on leisure and work!

Many have speculated that future homes will be equipped with sensors and electronic diagnostic equipment to ensure the health of individuals.

How will it be for traveling?

Travelling has been suspended for a long time now but at some point, the industries will have to reopen again. New health safety protocols will be implemented with strict sanitation measures. Health will be key in the aspect of travel. All passengers will be required to wear masks throughout their journey. COVID-19 testing and necessary health screenings may be implemented as mandatory travel documents.

The pandemic is likely driving the idea of seamless travel. With the use of biometric data’s your face and your body may be the future passports. This is to ensure that check-ins are safe for both workers and travelers without physical contact.

How will I receive health care treatments?

Telehealth has been booming since the pandemic. Both doctors and patients will presumably prefer to have online consultations to reduce the contamination rate. Telehealth is anticipated to be the new norm as technologies on this e-health have been developing rapidly. If you are interested in telehealth, check-out our previous blog for more detailed information.

The world is opening to a new era of new normal. Technologies and Innovations are maturing at a rapid pace. Predictive analysis of emotions and reactions are already possible today. The world of tomorrow may presumably be dominated by technologies.