Expat is an insurance company which is going outside the barrier of a closed and strict context of insurance. We would like our clients understand the most their insurance contract and be aware of their covers. All the ins and outs of the contract are easily explained. Our work is to advise you according to your needs and specificities as expatriate or traveler.To be insured, yes. But you need to have a contract which is covering your real needs.

Do you need to be cover for your medical consultation and your medical prescription ?
If no, what next ?
Do you prefer alternative medicine such as osteopathy or homeopathy ?
How can you be covered ?
Did you know in Asia, some hospital can charge the private room up to 800$ for one night ?
What is the differences between two contracts while their price can double ?

We are specialized in Asian zone, we know the common risks, the usual illness and the major accidents to cover in priority. We know very well the cost and prices used by the doctor and in hospitals.For us, about insurance, there is no useless questions. With AExpat, it’s important that you know exactly the way you are covered.



The brand AEXPAT :
A French insurance brokerage company, specializing in expatriate insurance policies and travel insurance. The Aexpat brand was created by the company

The headquarter, located at 2 Bis, Chemaudin Road, 25770 Franois. The company is represented exclusively by the AEXPAT brand, under the site

The company is registered with the Trade and Companies of Besançon in France under No.419 673 215. is also recorded in l’Orias under No.15004631 The accreditation of the company is available on the website of l’Orias:

The company is subjected to control by the Prudential Control Authority and Resolution (l’Autorité de contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution – ACPR), 61 rue Taitbout, 75436 Paris cedex 09.

The company is holder of a professional civil liability insurance with the CGPA, as No. RCP60662 since its inception.

Aexpat represents the company. The website is hosted by Godaddy – 14455 N. Hayden Rd, Ste.. 226 – Scottsdale, AZ 85260 – USA Ph : 09 75 18 70 39

This site is governed by the French law and any dispute shall be treated in the French courts. Thus, the site Aexpat is subjected to copyrights and intellectual property. Any text, logo, downloadable documents, are the sole/exclusive property of the company Insurance companies, among which the Trademarks and Logos are used on this site, gave their agreement for their use, and remain the property of the companies that are custodians.

As a broker, we work with other insurance companies, companies with which we have partnerships with. We can send you on request the list of insurance companies we work with. It is known that Aexpat has no interest in any insurance company with which it works, and likewise, no insurance company has interests in Aexpat.

Aexpat has a duty of advice, and our goal is to guide you to the insurance policy that best suits you according to your needs and depending on your situation. In no event Aexpat will recommend an insurance contract based on its commercial agreements with insurance companies. Our motto is to inform you about the expatriate insurance policies in clear and simple language, and remind you that it is compulsory to read the terms and conditions of insurance contracts that you would incur in order to know all the covenants, warranties and exclusions.

Concerning certain insurance, such as travel, temporary expatriates under 12 months, repatriation and civil liability, the site Aexpat uses hyperlinks to enable you to subscribe directly online on the websites of concerned insurance. The websites of insurance companies are not under the control of Aexpat and in no case can Aexpat be held responsible for the content, products or advertisements present on these sites. Moreover, the personal data collected by third-party sites are not transmitted to Aexpat.

Aexpat, by choice, is absolutely not allowed to receive any payments whatsoever on the part of visitors to its website or its customers, and is only remunerate by the insurance companies. Aexpat, as such, can not cash any insurance premium and these must be settled directly with the insurer that owns your contract.

Aexpat agrees not to distribute or use personal data entrusted to it, either through the website or neither directly by its customers, has external commercial purposes or to third parties. The goal of the information gathered is to be able to offer you the expatriate insurance policy, travel insurance policy or contract of insurance repatriation / civil liability, that best suited to your needs and your situation. Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to inspect your personal information such as coordinate, email address, etc. You can contact us about it for information to the following email address

In order to be as responsive as possible and to be able to track the website activity of , we use Google Analytics, professional solution for web analytics. In any case the use of this tool does not give us any personal information about you. You can find more information about this tool on the page:

Our site does not use cookies, and we do not keep any trace of your passage, nor are we implementing items on your computer.

If you wish to contact us for further information, please write to us at:


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