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Preventing Tropical Diseases as Expatriates

Tropical areas such as South-East Asia regions are famous places that entice expatriates to go to the most. Some of the reasons why they are so attractive are their rich and unique cultures, beautiful nature, and might also be because the living cost in the country may be cheaper. However,

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WHat do I do when getting injured abroad?

Let’s say you are taking a fun and relaxing trip to Bali with a buddy. On one fine morning, you and your buddy decided to rent a motorbike and drove to Singaraja to see Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls. However, going on a motorbike in a foreign country may not be

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Who does not miss breathing in fresh air without the need to wear a mask? It is almost hard to believe that Covid-19 has been going around for a year now. People worldwide are still working hard to end this pandemic. Most recently, a new vaccine has been introduced and

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Consequences of not having health insurance

Good long-term health insurance abroad is a must for expatriates. It doesn’t matter whether you live or work abroad. During long-term stays, the risk of getting sick, needing medication, or seeing a doctor increases. Fortunately, expatriate insurance is covering such costs. Many guidelines also include additional services such as vaccinations,

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The importance of cancer awareness

Cancer awareness is critical because it educates people about how serious cancer is. National cancer prevention month, in February, has been recognized by numerous organizations or groups to raise awareness, support, and action to prevent cancer. They provide funding for the prevention, detection, and treatments of those who need it.

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