Cost of PCR Test

PCR test is one of the best ways for you to know if you are carrying the Covid-19. It is also a way to limit the virus spread to others. Nowadays, if anyone plans to travel abroad, getting a PCR test would be mandatory. Here are some things you need

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Indonesia’s new regulation

Unfortunately, unlike the previous year, this year is going to be a little different. As the number of cases of Covid-19 keeps on increasing, the health protocols given by the government are getting stricter than ever. The rules are obviously for us all to participate in tackling the transmission of

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The risks of changing insurance policy

Some people may consider changing their insurance policy during the renewal time. But, often time, policyholders are not aware of the disadvantages of changing contracts. What would be the risk of doing so? One of the main reasons people would like to change their insurance is because they may find

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Family on a beach

The Coming of Medical Tourism in Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island that is known for its extraordinary nature and authentic culture. For this reason, this island became the most favorite tourism destination for people outside and inside of Indonesia.  Due to its popularity, Bali has the potential to develop into a medical tourism destination. What is

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