WHat do I do when getting injured abroad?

Driving Motorbike

Let’s say you are taking a fun and relaxing trip to Bali with a buddy. On one fine morning, you and your buddy decided to rent a motorbike and drove to Singaraja to see Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls. However, going on a motorbike in a foreign country may not be something you are used to, especially driving on shortcut roads that are small and crowded. As the traffic is getting uncontrolled, the next thing you know, your bike was skidding off the road, throwing yourself and your buddy into a farmer’s ditch.

Then you realize everyone in the road is looking at you, and you felt an incredible pain in your leg. Your buddy is not doing that well either. Now, what do you do? You are in a foreign country, you have no idea where the nearest hospital is, and you don’t even speak the language.

Getting injured while being in a foreign country is a hustle. Depending on where you are, physicians, hospitals, or other healthcare systems may not be the same as the one in your home country. In an emergency like this, you need to know what to do.

1. Get to available medical care resources

You need to find medical care resources as soon as possible. Ask the help of the locals as they will be able to tell you where the nearest hospital or clinics. You want to try to make sure that you are preventing your injury from getting worse. 

For this reason, before going on any trip to another country, it is essential to look up hospitals or any other medical care places in case of emergency. You want to find hospitals that are accredited and trustworthy.

2. Document everything

Always list down information such as the people involved in the accident, license plate, or other relevant information. Not to forget to take photographs of the scene if possible, for the documentation, just in case you need to show proof.

3. File an accident report

Even though it may seem like a waste of time, but this is necessary. You will have to file an accident report from the police, hotel manager, or anyone with authority in that place to file a report. Once the information is done, you should make a copy of it. This accident report will be helpful to file your claim.

4. Get in touch with your insurance company

You need to contact your insurance company and inform them of your current situation, what has happened, etc. as soon as possible! Don’t forget to keep all the prescriptions, invoices, and medical bills to later submit to your claim.

Tips In case of an emergency: it would be wise to leave your travel insurance details with your travel companion or even the hotel you are staying in Indonesia, Thailand, or anywhere in your destination of travel. Therefore, they can contact your insurance on your behalf when you are unable to.

When you call your insurance and update them on your situation, ask them about the coverage and what your healthcare will cover in the case. If in case you need medical evacuation your insurance provider must be informed immediately. This evacuation is usually done by land or air transportation. According to Forbes, usually, the cost of evacuation with care unit may start from 25,000 to even 250,000 USD. That is a lot of money indeed, but this is why insurance is so important with the coverage of medical repatriation benefits.

How will my insurance cover the bill?

The primary purpose of your travel and expatriate health insurance is to save you from the high costs of health care. There are, however, some exceptions for your insurance to NOT cover you. If you are not following the laws in the country, for instance, driving without a helmet, a license, or even driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs in a foreign country, you won’t be covered with your health insurance plan. Following the regulations in the country you are in is extremely important. But if that is not the case, your travel or expatriate insurance medical team will cover the costs in accordance with your contract agreement. They will even assist you with foreign language services.

Therefore, before traveling or moving to your selected destination, it is essential to check with your broker or insurance provider what would be covered and the benefits you could get. Understanding your contract is indeed our top priority. Our Aexpat Team will always be ready to help you choose the best healthcare options in the market, and no matter where you are in the world, we will always have your back. You can contact us via email at for more information.

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