The Coming of Medical Tourism in Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island that is known for its extraordinary nature and authentic culture. For this reason, this island became the most favorite tourism destination for people outside and inside of Indonesia.  Due to its popularity, Bali has the potential to develop into a medical tourism destination.

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is when a person travels to another country of residence for the purpose to receive a better medical care. 

There are three main reasons why some people would prefer to do medical tourism:

–           Cost-effectiveness

–           Availability of more advanced technologies

–           International Standard

One important thing that you must remember is that your medical cost may of-course be covered by your international expatriate insurance. However, not by traveling insurance. In this case, the policyholder must always check the coverage details with their broker or insurer to avoid any confusion.

Bali’s ultimate plan

Bali, a wonderful island that people from across the world would frequently visit for work, family vacation, or even to just relieve stress. Little did the world know, Bali decided to come up with a new plan to become a medical tourism destination. Indeed, this is a big but not an easy plan.

The main reason why Bali does this is to develop Bali’s potential to become a destination where not only people go there for vacation, but also medical purposes, both for the Indonesian as well as foreigners.

It is not new news that there are already many international hospitals that existed in Indonesia. However, there are still many Indonesian who prefer to go outside of Indonesia for better medical treatment.  Therefore, this plan to create domestic but International high-level quality hospitals may be incredibly effective to solve this problem.

“We are going to coordinate and collaborate because medical facilities are worth marketing, usually with foreign patients. We will also combine the facilities with hotel packages,” stated Putu Deddy Suhartawan, the General Manager of Indonesia Medical Tourism Board (IMTB) Bali Nusra.

Not only that he also mentioned that there are already about 15 hospitals that have been accredited at the national level and also 4 hospitals that are accredited International hospitals in Bali. This means that there is a chance for this plan to happen.

Even though the plan is still in process but this is such exciting news for Bali. One day tourists all over the world may not only trust Bali to become their favorite destination for holiday but also high-quality medical tourism.

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