Motorbike Accidents


Road accidents are increasingly common, even the World Health Organization has recalled that accidents from around the world is “unacceptably high”. 

The WHO has reported 316,000 people died annually due to traffic-related injuries in Southeast Asia alone and 31,234 cases are derived from Indonesia’s traffic accidents. The highest percentage of deaths from traffic accidents accounts from motorcycles with 36% following 21% from pedestrian, 35% bus accidents and cars only account 1% from the reported death tolls.                                    

Bali for instance is well known for tourists top destination thus for travelers scooter is one of the easiest way to get around the island. Many tourists assume that traffic in Bali is relatively simple or assuming the rules on the road are the same as in their country of origin. In fact traffic in Bali can be chaotic and confusing, especially for people who are not used to the Bali traffic.

How will my travel insurance cover for instance of a bike accident? 

Not all traveling insurance will cover your bike accident and you have to check the wordings of the policy to be sure you are cover in case of an accident with a motor vehicle.

In the case it is covered, your traveling insurance will only cover your costs if helmets are worn, has a valid license for the country where you are driving and having the accident, and no drugs or alcohol is involved. 

It is also very common that a police report is requested by the insurer. Please be considerate by not getting angry at the insurer when they do not cover your medical bills if you are not following the commonsense rules. 

Please note that your travel health insurance will most likely only cover for your medical claims and none other than that. There is no coverage for the damage of the motorbike itself. 

Moreover, only the vehicle insurance itself will be able to cover the damage to third party in case you send another person to the hospital. The third-party civil liability will never cover any claim link to a motor vehicle accident. If this happens and you are at fault with the accident, you will be fully responsible in case the third party is not covered to all costs occurred by the mentioned accident. 

Driving motorbikes while you are exploring can be very thrilling and it is also an inexpensive way to get around. It is inexpensive until accidents might happen, your budget will go from backpacker to skyrocket. The cost of hospitalization or hospital visits are expensive, especially as a foreigner. We advise all travelers to have adequate health insurance coverage to ensure your financial stability and your safety.


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