Full Comprehensive Insurance

Routine Medical Treatment
+ Optional (Optic, Dental, Maternity)

When it comes to healthcare coverage, a comprehensive policy is the best option. A comprehensive policy not only covers the costs associated with hospitalization and routine medical treatment, but also provides the option to add additional benefits such as coverage for optics, dentistry, and maternity. This ensures that you have a complete coverage for all your healthcare needs, regardless of the type of treatment or service.

Important Reminder

It is important to note that some optional benefits may come with a waiting period before they become active. For example, maternity coverage may have a waiting period of up to 10 months, depending on the specific policy. This waiting period is typically in place to ensure that any pre-existing conditions are not covered under the policy, and to protect the insurance company from fraud. It is important to understand the waiting period for each benefit and factor it into your decision making process.

Consult with us

When choosing a comprehensive insurance policy, it is important to review the terms and conditions of the policy before making a decision. This will ensure that the policy meets your individual needs and circumstances, and that you understand the coverage and limitations of the policy. By taking the time to review the policy and understand the benefits and waiting periods, you can make an informed decision that will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with being fully covered. Contact us for a consultation and we will help you determine if this policy is the best fit for your individual needs.