Why is it important to get tested?

Getting tested for Covid-19 is incredibly vital. Regardless of the symptoms that one may have or the chance for the person to carry the virus, getting checked up is the most effective strategy that we can contribute to prevents the spread of Covid-19.

When traveling to another country, you have to get tested to protect your health as well as others. However, worry not, for all Expatriate insurances like Aexpat insurance will be ready to cover you for covid-19 during your trip no matter where you are in the world.

Antigen Test

A rapid antigen test has been commonly used for a while now to identify influenza viruses or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It turned out later that this method becomes an extremely beneficial strategy to respond to Covid-19. It usually provides the diagnosis of an active coronavirus faster than any other molecular tests.

Is rapid test and antigen test the same?

The answer is not quite. The main difference between the rapid test and antigen is the result that they may give.

The Rapid test, or known as the antibody test, can detect the possible exposure to the virus, the potential of you can infect others, or if you can recover is very accurate. On the other hand, even though the result of the antigen test is still highly accurate, the test does not rule out the coronavirus infection completely. It means that the test is less sensitive and does not indicate whether the person is in the middle of an active infection. Therefore, if you want to get precise readings, you will have to take the RT-PCR or SWAB test.

Next, compare to a Rapid test that can be a bit pricey and take a while for the result to come (depends on the area), an antigen test saves your time and money. According to WHO, the results of an Antigen test may only take about 15-30 minutes, and the cost will be a maximum of $5 everywhere in the world. It makes everything a lot easier for everyone who wants to get tested.

Do I need the Antigen test for traveling?

When you are planning to travel during this time of Pandemic either for work, family visit, and so on, making sure that you are healthy and virus-free is vital; Every country requires you to show proof that you are tested negative for Covid-19. It is why getting a rapid antigen test is beneficial, not only that a rapid antigen saves your pocket but also your time during your travel.

If you are in a country with low numbers of PCR test, a rapid antigen test will be perfect for you since it is available in low- and middle-class-income countries. You can go to the trustable hospitals in your area to get tested.

Additionally, traveling to different countries can be unsettling, especially during this complicated times. If you get sick and need medical attention, having insurance to cover you up will be extremely helpful. Aexpat insurance will always make sure that you get the best medical attention you need and most definitely saves you from financial hardship if the unexpected happens.

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