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Who does not miss breathing in fresh air without the need to wear a mask? It is almost hard to believe that Covid-19 has been going around for a year now. People worldwide are still working hard to end this pandemic.

Most recently, a new vaccine has been introduced and is spreading widely into the world with the purpose to fight Covid-19. According to CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), the Covid-19 vaccine will help our bodies to become more immune to the virus and prevent us from getting sick. So far, about 77 million people in the U.S alone are fully vaccinated. Furthermore, CDC also mentioned that the chance for someone to be infected by the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated is rare. This fact gives us hope to have our normal life again.

How to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

Several places such as hospitals or clinics should be able to provide you with the Covid-19 vaccines. The good news is you do not need to worry about the vaccine fee since Covid-19 vaccines are cost-free. Depending on the area, however, there might be some requirements that you will need to follow.

 Suppose you happen to be in Bali for your holiday or business purposes. Some hospitals or clinics there may have a various way for you to register. They may provide you with a link to fill in a registration form, ask for your domicile, or even only offer the vaccines for those who belong to the priority group. The Priority group includes 75+ years old, essential frontline workers, and people aged 16-80 years with a high risk of a medical condition. Therefore, before registering, it is crucial to check with the hospital or clinic for availability and understand their regulations.

Besides the hospitals or clinics in Bali, another way to be vaccinated is to go to the Banjar or public health center. While other places may ask you to fill in many details, the requirement to be vaccinated in the public health center is relatively simple. You only need to bring your ID and then get your vaccine.

What if I get charged for my vaccination?

This situation would be a rare case, but if the department you are going to is charging you for the Covid-19 vaccine, would the insurance cover the expenses?

If you are covered by a traveling insurance, or only by an in-patient policy, in case you will be vaccinated on your holiday/residency area the cost will not be covered under your healthcare plan.

Your vaccines will be covered, if in the case you have an out-patient or a comprehensive expatriate insurance. It is unnecessary to provide a prescription of the vaccination or even a medical report for this case. But you will still have to submit your claim, invoice and copy of your vaccination lot number.

If you are still unsure on your travel or expatriate insurance plan, contact your broker or at for any inquiries, we will be happy to answer them.

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