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Consequences of not having health insurance

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Good long-term health insurance abroad is a must for expatriates. It doesn’t matter whether you live or work abroad. During long-term stays, the risk of getting sick, needing medication, or seeing a doctor increases. Fortunately, expatriate insurance is covering such costs. Many guidelines also include additional services such as vaccinations, cancer prevention, dentures, or accident coverage.

Without travel and international insurance, patients often have to pay a large part of the costs themselves. 

Such costs can turn out extremely high if you consider that medical repatriation from abroad is generally not covered by statutory health insurance. Besides, doctors abroad often charge at higher rates or different levels. In such cases, the patient has no choice but to pay the difference out of their pocket. In extreme cases such as, accidents, some expatriates rely on GoFundMe for assistance in their hospitalization coverage.

Health insurance, on the other hand, covers all bills incurred, including hospitalization and medication. Things look different again in countries where there is no social security agreement. In these countries, travelers have no legal coverage, so they have no health insurance cover at all. It also applies to many Southeast Asian countries. If a hospital stay of several days is necessary, patients have to assume the entire cost.

Medical repatriation 

If you lay in an Indonesian hospital with malaria, dengue fever, or a gastrointestinal virus, you may wish yourself in a European standard hospital. Either you do not understand the language and are therefore insecure, or because you would like a better standard of treatment. It can also occur that the medical treatment or surgery is not possible in the local hospital, and the doctor may request for medical repatriation following your medical condition to be treated in another country.

However, you should check that all basic medical needs and medical repatriation are covered. Therefore, you can return to your home country when it is medically necessary. That saves travelers unpleasant experiences and high financial risks. It often happens that expatriates or digital nomads do not pay enough attention to their health care abroad. A worldwide valid international health insurance is an absolute necessity. Everybody who does not just stay for vacation and works abroad for their employer or another client needs comprehensive international health insurance. The classic foreign travel health insurance is not sufficient, as it only covers vacation trips on a certain number of travel days per year. In most cases, travelers are not allowed to work abroad with this type of insurance. We therefore urgently recommend that you take out international health insurance from a specialized provider.

Our AExpat Team can guide you in choosing the healthcare that is right for you following your needs. We offer both traveling and expatriate insurance for those who want to reside outside of their home residents for worldwide coverage options. You can contact us via email at infos@aexpat.com for quotation and advice on which plan suits your need best. 

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