The Danger of Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is when bacteria can fight back or resist the medications that are meant to destroy them. Antibiotics have been prescribed for many years, due to the increasingly widespread in its usage, the medication became less effective causing the resistance.

Infections that result from this bacterial resistance can be very severe as they are harder to treat and sometimes even impossible. In most cases, patients will need an extended hospital stay, higher medical cost, and more frequent doctor visits.

Who is in threat?

Bacterial resistance can impact everyone, no matter their age and physical wellbeing. No one can completely avoid the risk of the resistant infection, however people with chronic illness may have greater risks than those who don’t. When antibiotics are not efficient anymore to fight the bacteria within your body, it is harder to treat the following illness causing a threat to the public health.


•    Use antibiotics when it is only prescribed by professionals.

•    Be hygienic

•    Do not share leftover antibiotics

•    Never buy antibiotics if not recommended by a doctor

•    Follow directions by health workers when prescribed antibiotics

Antibiotics have been a great help within the medical world, there were many extraordinary benefits gained by the use of the medication. However, the misusage and overuse of antibiotics has a strong impact on the health of society. To prevent the spread of the microbial infection a new implementation of antibiotics usage is greatly needed to manage the crisis.

Your health insurance provider will most likely cover your hospitalization cost even though you only have basic health coverage. Depending on your policy wordings, in some cases, basic coverage will also cover for your follow up checkups that are under outpatient procedure. You can contact your health provider or insurance broker for more information on your benefits.