Stay Healthy During the Festive Season

December is the month of joy, excitement, and festivity, which means we will have many days with countless parties! Catching up with family and friends with great food and drinks is the best part about the festive season but overindulging on your treats may not be the best thing for your health.

It can be very tricky to keep track of your health during the festive season but we have a few tips and tricks to staying healthy during the celebration month!


Catching up with friends and family will for sure involve some alcohol, we all know that it can be very easy to pour more into your glass than usual. Overdrinking alcohol than the average guidelines can lead to short-term effects such as headaches, diarrhea, and mood swings. Let’s be honest, no one likes hangovers. Overall, frequent consumption of alcohol can damage your liver in general.

We know, what is the festive season without alcohol? Booo no fun! However, to stay on top of your health during the season make sure to watch out for:

  • Daily alcohol consumption
  • Refrain from drinking every day
  • Make sure to drink water in between alcohol
  • Don’t drink with an empty stomach


Healthy food, what is that? Many of us will set back healthy eating habits during the holiday. With all the cookies, cakes, chocolates, meat, etc. how do we resist!

  • Eat mindfully! This means, enjoy your food don’t rush in chewing, you have plenty of time to eat. Allow yourself to enjoy every bite and taste of your favorite dish of the season. Since it takes a few minutes for your stomach to tell you “stop eating I’m fueled up!” it is wise to wait a few minutes before helping yourself with another delight.
  • Don’t starve yourself when going to parties. This will just tempt you to overeat, save some for other guests instead ;P
  • Choose your dessert wisely. Who doesn’t like dessert, they are just too good to pass on a party. Eat one or two desserts that you love most instead of trying everything on the table!
  • Stay active and burn the calories you consume (well most of it at least)

Sleep Well: 

Many studies have shown that we need to have between 6-8 hours of sleep for our body to freshen up and regenerate. Lack of sleep will result in headaches, blurred vision and again mood swings because we need our sleep. This may be hard to do during the season as we try to fit in all the socializing, parties, etc. in the calendar. An average person will lose around 30 hours of sleep during the Christmas holiday which will just lead to drowsiness and increase your appetite in eating.

Try to maintain your regular sleeping hours to maintain your energy throughout the season. Another tip is to avoid compensating your sleeping deficit with caffeine, just relax, sleep and don’t torture your body!

Above all, AExpat wishes everyone a great and wonderful holiday whether you are away from home or gathered with all your loved ones. The holiday is about fun activities, great food, and gatherings but don’t forget to maintain your health above all the joy and excitement.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from AExpat Team, keep healthy and stay insured!