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How to lower my insurance premiums


Expatriate health insurance is often known for its expensiveness and caused people to choose not to have one. However, this insurance is essential, especially if you are an expatriate. You are most likely to expose yourself to many uncertain situations like sickness or even injuries. At this point, expatriate health insurance is essential for your peace of mind. But what about the high cost of insurance premiums?

The good news is there are ways to make your expatriate insurance premiums less expensive. By adopting various innovative measures to get optimum coverage, you will keep your premium low while getting the best global coverage.

1.         Increase deductibles

Deductibles are a certain amount of money you will have to pay before an insurance company pays your claim. You will pay for all of your medical and pharmacy bills until the amount of the expenses paid are equal to the number of your deductible plans. By accepting some of these expenses from your healthcare claims, you will be offered a discounted premiums. Essentially, the more you pay, the more you will be covered.

2.         Change your payment method

Paying total annual premium upfront than quarterly or monthly will actually make your payment cheaper by 4-5%.

3.         Leave out extra medical options

Self-insure the extra additional things such as dental or out-patient medical costs (as in some countries, these expenses can be very low). You can use your expatriate insurance for greater necessities, such as “big risks coverage” for surgical and hospitalization.

4.         Medical Coverage

Always choose the most appropriate medical coverage for you. In general, health insurance has different levels that have increasing benefit maximum and coverage options to choose from. You get what you pay for with high premiums, and a low premium does not necessarily mean lower coverage. In fact, when paying with a high premium, you could always get better coverage.

At last, it is always more helpful to choose the best insurer, whether you are living abroad or traveling globally. Aexpat insurance always provides excellent service before and after your purchase. We will also help you choose and provide comparisons between companies and guide you for the most suitable plan so you can be anywhere at any time secured at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact us for quotations and further informations at infos@aexpat.com

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