Expatriate Insurance is the insurance scheme to choose when deciding to relocate whether it is for employment reasons, long term traveling, or lifestyle choices.

One of the main factors before moving to a foreign country is to consider how you will be able to access healthcare abroad. With expatriate insurance, you can be sure about receiving healthcare services in the private sector and get coverage on necessary treatment in your new location.

When should you choose expatriate insurance?

Expatriate insurance is recommended for those who are leaving their home country for a year or more as the benefits given from the expatriate scheme will be broader and more comprehensive than traveling insurance for instance.

Health care services can be very expensive as an expat, as they will typically charge you different prices than residents.

In Southeast Asia for instance (SEA) the standard room price for hospitalization is around 150 USD per day. In case of hospitalization for a broken leg, it can cost up to 10,000 USD. Please note that the above numbers are only in SEA, if you move to the USA, for example, the prices can triple the amount.

How to choose expatriate insurance that suits individual needs?

Choosing the perfect insurance can vary from various personal factors such as age, country of expatriation, family member, and type of services you wish to receive whether you want to get full coverage or not.

There are mainly 3 plans that every insurer offers which are:

  • Inpatient coverage (hospitalization)
  • Inpatient + outpatient coverage (covers routine medical check-ups)
  • Inpatient + outpatient + optional (optic, dental, maternity)

For more information on the premium packages, please refer to our previous blog which explains the three different types of insurance coverage on the link below.


Your insurance premium should also be within your budget. You may consult with AEXPAT broker to help you choose and compare insurance plans to help you decide which insurance is the right one for you.

Other benefits to complete your expatriate coverage

You can add valuable benefits to your insurance scheme to improve your insurance coverage.

1. Assistance Repatriation – by adding this benefit it will enable the insurer to organize medical evacuation in case of accidents, serious illness, or repatriation of a body in the event of death.

Example: You are an expat in a country where the health care system has limited infrastructure and your local area cannot provide appropriate care. Thanks to assistance and repatriation, the insurer will be able to organize your transport and medical evacuation to the closest facility that can handle your medical needs. When possible and necessary, they can also take you back to your home country to get the treatment needed.

2. Public Liability – provides coverage that concerns the third party in the case of bodily injury, material loss, or consequential loss to a third party. Please note that damages done intentionally will not be covered.

Example: Say a child is playing soccer, his ball entered the kitchen and make the Nespresso machine fallen, this is covered by the PL.

The flexibility of expatriate insurance allows you to modify in accordance with your individual needs at the renewal date of the policy. Make sure that you consider your options before moving to a foreign country and ensure that you can rely on your healthcare providers abroad. For further assistance in choosing your insurance scheme, do not hesitate to contact our AEXPAT member at infos@aexpat.com  to give you consultations and advice in choosing the perfect plan for you and your family member.